BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES FOR SALE – Oregon & Washington, Idaho


You Won’t Find Better Pets Anywhere

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, not far from Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Auburn, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and Springfield. We sell Boston terrier puppies in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California.

We are long time breeders of Boston Terriers, my aunt has bred for over 60 years, my cousin has bred for over 40 years and I have bred Boston Terriers for over 27 years, so we have a number of cute Boston Terrier pups for sale.

We search the country for good quality studs, champions do not always throw good pups, and a champion to champion breeding doesn’t certify that the pups will be champion quality or even healthy! So we look for traits in the dogs that can complement each other to produce a lovely, healthy companion dog for our clients.  Check out our website to see Boston Terrier Pup pictures. Our puppy pictures are updated weekly so keep the site bookmarked!

It is important to note that the pups on these pages may not be in Oregon or Washington at the time of reservation.  We will transport them ourselves to Oregon at our cost, if they aren’t already here, so you can pick up there, unless you are in the midwest in which case you can pick up from my cousin or aunt there.   We do not fly pups to buyers, the buyers must pick up the puppy in person and meet and greet pup for the final payment. If you need someone to bring your pup to you, we have a dependable shipper that we can refer you to.  He is a retired police officer, trains drug sniffing dogs and transports dogs throughout the country.

Please read our KENNEL RULES section before contacting us. Thank you!

Pups go QUICKLY. Normally $700 down to hold, contract will be sent to hold the pup and to make sure you have receipt for your down payment.  I take pictures weekly and post so you can watch them grow. Been breeding boston terriers for over 27 years, have lots of repeat customers.

Kids date of birth are shown above each litter they will be able to go home at between 8-9 weeks of age. Only available kids are pictured here, if you want to see the entire litter, go to our sister website at  Also, for some reason this site wants to cut off the top shots of the kids and the other site will show those shots to you better.


We have three little girls who are due at any moment, so should have new furry faces available soon!  Check back in a week!

Updated 7/5/20